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Terms & Conditions

Reservations Policy

(1)  Making a reservation: After we receive your booking request we will contact you in less than 48 hours. We will provide all the info you need according to your request and to confirm your booking will need minimum deposit of payment (30 % of the total value).

a)   Groups: Check in is after 15:00 h, check out is before 12:00 h.

A deposit of 50 EUR per person is required on arrival, this will be returned providing no damage has been caused.

The house should be cleaned before you leave, otherwise you may be charged extra to cover cleaning services 30€.

The booking payment (30% minimum deposit) should be done when request the final servisse are accorded between customer and business.The total payment should be made 2 weeks before arrival.

(2) Confirmation: After payment of the deposit send us the payment scanned and then you will receive a confirmation email and further instructions. We only guarantee your place after you pay the deposit and send it scanned. 

(3) If you wish to change your booking after it has been confirmed e.g. guest or (s) name or (s), date changes, etc…., you must cancel your booking and re-book through the Baia de Peniche website. We will try to get the dates you chose but cannot guarantee the dates chosen, after a total or minimum deposit is done you have maximum of 3 months to chose another date and Cancellation charges may apply.


Payment Options


Bank Transfer:

NIB: 0045 5222 40261838748 18  

IBAN: PT50 - 0045 5222 4026 1838 7481 8




CCAM C. Rainha, Óbidos e Peniche C.R.L

Rua Coronel Soeiro de Brito Caldas da Rainha


Caldas da Rainha


*After the transfer is done, it is required that you send us, by fax or email, the official receipt or screen shot as proof of the transfer otherwise we cannot confirm the booking. 


Cancellation policy


After confirmation is done (as we explained above) we will accept the cancellation under the following terms: 

If require to cancel your booking you have maximum 6 months to use your credit according to the season chosen, extra charges might apply

d) Upon arrival and during your stay we will not make any refund except in the case of serious illness or injury, but justified by a doctor.


Transfer policy

In the case that you have booked the transfer from Lisbon airport to Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School accommodation Partners (Baia de Peniche Surfcamp):

a) The transfer must be booked 72 hours in advanced and confirmed by Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School through email that we will do the pickup.

b) To cancel your transfer it must be done until 72 hours before arrival. If otherwise we will not refund transfer money.

c) Once the plane lands the client has one hour to exit the airport door, for every extra hour after this the client will be charged an extra 20 EUR.

d) To drop off clients somewhere other than Lisbon airport, for example down town Lisbon, there will be an additional charge of 20 EUR. 

e) If the plane is delayed please inform the Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School , clients will be charged an extra 20 EUR for each hour delayed.

f) Taxi driver will wait for your at the arrival hall of the Lisbon airport in the area reserved for the travel representatives and with a sign written of Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School,

g) The clients are required to show the confirmation of the reservation to the táxi partner driver of Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School,

h) The transfer can be refused by driver at all times in the case of drunkenness, intoxication or aggressive behaviour of the clients. If so, Baia de Peniche Surf Camp has the right to charge 100% of the transfer price and not realize the transfer.

i) The transfer can be not excepted of the full price, in the case of the overweight baggage if not announced in advance (the allowed weight of the baggage is 30 kg per person), incorrect booking regarding to the number of passengers or to the final destination.

j) The client is required to provide and send by email or phone number on your booking procedure, the telephone number contactable in Portugal. In the case of delay caused by the traffic, weather conditions or any other factors which could not be influenced by Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School, Peniche Surf Camp does not take any responsibility. Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School does not refund any alternative transfer taken by clients (namely taxi or bus).


Accommodation policy

Check-In is after 15:00 and Check-Out is until 12:00 (if you stay after 12:00 you will be charged an extra day).

Beside the hours mentioned above, Check-In is possible at anytime if the client provides the date and hour of the arrival.  

It will be asked a 50 EUR deposit for key, which will be returned to you in the end of your stay.

The Payment of your bill at arrival will be in cash or 5 days by bank transfer before your departure.

Besides the main services like booking surf classes or surf rental you may ask us:

  • about map of the waves spots;

  • Use the Wi-Fi internet;

  • Obtain the Wi-Fi password;

  • Obtain discount at some of our local Surfshops;

  • Order a custom made board by some of our local shapers;

  • All local information and activities;

  • Sign in for Surf Camp activities like BBQ’s;

Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School is not responsible for any robbery that occurs in or from its property.

Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School recommends that you keep your personal belongings with you. Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School do not take any responsibility of the client’s personal belongings during their stay, wherever they are placed. The Client is fully responsible for his or her personal belongings.


Inform the reception if any damage to the structure  or objects of the Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School if not informed at departure and if any of them is broken we can apply charges( the deposit of 50€).

Do not damage any structure or object of the Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School.


For those in Shared Accommodation:

  • Clean your dishes, etc after use;

  • Do not throw toilet paper in the toilet (as it can clog up the drains really easy) please place the garbage in the bin provided and related too the garbage for that purpose;

  • No noise after 22:00 hours;

  • Respect your room mates;

  • Always return your room/ house key if not we will keep your 50€ deposit;

  • Lock your room.


For those in Private accommodation:

  • If you run out of hot water please inform our accommodation Partners witch we will give you the contacts at arrival and they will change the gas bottle;

  • Respect your neighbours no noise after 22hour.30. You are not alone;

  • You should clean the house before you leave otherwise you may be charged extra for cleaning services 30€.

  • Always lock your house.


We request a deposit of 50 eur per accommodation key given during check in, that we will return when you check out provided the client returns the accommodation key given to them upon arrival. For the groups that request more than one key per person, we will request an extra deposit for each key given 50€ each.


Surf classes policy


Respect the schedules of the classes if fail no lesson refundo r extra class given. Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School does not provide any exceptions to the regular surf class schedule.

If you book more than one day of surf classes you are expected to have and show on time for classes on the next day maximum 10 to 15minute delay, but if the group lesson is more than half of students waiting we will leave, on each day from the initial starting date. After starting classes if you decide not to have a class the next day, you must inform us at the reception 24 hours in advance and if don´t show up you will miss class and will not be refunded.

If you are expected for surf classes and you do not show up, Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School will not make any refund it was your failure.

Clients are strictly required to follow the instructions of their teacher. Always keep in mind the safety rules. In the case of injury inform your teacher without any delay.


Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School is not responsible and will not refund a student if surf classes cannot occur due to adverse weather and ocean conditions (e.g flat ocean, excessive wave size, fog, strong winds, strong currents etc). Nevertheless, in these rare cases if possible Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School will try to search for an alternative plan, for example a theoretical class, surf related trip, etc.


Group classes will have a minimum of 2 people or more, otherwise this will be considered a private class


Video analysis will occur if the weather and ocean conditions allow and provided that students take minimum 2 to 3 days of surf classes (6 surf sessions) or more.

If you are taking Surf classes:


  • Be on time for the surf classes;

  • Besides your personal belongings, bring food to eat between surf sessions. We also sell Lunch Pack for the beach.

  • The surf equipment is only included for the surf classes. You must rent it if you want to use it after the classes or at the weekend;

  • You are responsible for your surf equipment. It should always be cleaned or will have na extra charge 5€ each time;

  • If you wish to keep the equipment at home you must pay a deposit of 250 EUR which will be given back when you return the surf equipment in good condition!


Useful tips:

  • At night bring all your surfing equipment into the house;

  • Wash your wetsuit, board all your equipment located outsider and bring them inside;

  • Save water and energy. Turn off lights and water taps;

  • Leave the sand at the beach.



Surf rental policy


All rental equipment is checked by Baia de Peniche Surf Camp & School staff to insure proper working conditions.

Be aware that you are personally and financially responsible for the rented material during the whole rental period (from the moment of Pick up until Return of the items).

Rental rules

  • Passport required or ID;

  • Rental hours: Winter from 9.00 h to 17.45. Summer from 9:00 to 19 h;

  • The client must return all the equipment;

  • The material must be delivered everyday in good condition: wetsuit and surfboard washed and clean, otherwise extra cost 5€;

  • If you wish to keep the equipment at home you must pay a deposit 250 EUR which will be given back when you return the surf equipment in good condition!


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