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Praia Baleal


Peniche is a peninsula surrounded by waves and fishing culture all related to the ocean, “MAN OF SEA”. In Peniche you will always have a surf spot, with the offshore winds, offering you a great and beautiful waves like in the best spots in the world but in just a 15 km of coastline working with all wind directions … ready to be ridden or surfed by those that know where to find them (but don´t forget please respect the locals). Besides being the most consistent place to surf in Portugal, Europe or maybe in the world according to such short distance in between surf spots and coastlines it has other activities that can be done here like: Kitesurf, Windsurf, Sup, Fishing trips, Tours by sea and by ocean, Biking through our wonderful and beautiful cape being the city most west of Europe Our Natural geography speaks for itself this city wasn't built like this, it was born natural like this.

An example: to surf in Peniche imagine, in morning South wind and afternoon North wind meaning in many places worldwide the travel would be far and here just sometimes by a walking distance you will find an offshore wave.The maximum distance between coastlines, 4 km so like this you can chose the time of day to surf and place (WE ARE A PENINSULA), divided by 1 south coast and 2 north coasts max 15 km of coast.

Peniche and specially Baleal has the laid back style, very characteristic, but also due to all the international visitors and residents,making Baleal like the Surf city. Named today as ”The Capital of wave” Peniche as the capital and Baleal as a lovely village… where life goes as slow or as fast as you wish. The surf possibilities are a lot, almost endless, so don’t stress about the crowd at the more obvious surf spots... There is always several alternatives, that local knowledge Silvano Lourenço and international Competitor help you and teach you the way Peniche works.

If you enjoy nightlife Baleal is the Place to be… it has a great nightlife with a very surf orientated vibe, all year, but especially during the summer months, our gastronomy is wonderful you can have a lack of other distractions, like the fresh fish or visiting our Island named by “Berlenga” just 6 miles out of Peniche. Of course if you want to see other samples of Portugal besides our culture and food offers, you are very close to Lisbon, our “Capital” 1 hour drive away or 1.30m by bus Lisbon considered to be one of the most interesting cities in Europe and worldwide.

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Surfing is a very complete activity, For some it’s a sport, for others a therapy, a social activity, a religion, an art form, you name it…. It also takes you to beautiful places, in this case it´s Portugal, Peniche and Baleal.

So besides the awesome surfing experience you can also try out our great Food, Wine, see great waves and beaches, Party in our Surf bar’s, Snorkel, Fish, Walk around or Ride a bike, Go-karts, Play Tennis or Golf, Boat Trips to visit the Island of Berlenga, enjoy the traditional Open Space Market at Caldas da Rainha and Peniche, the Old Castle Town of Óbidos and its famous drink “Ginja de Óbidos”, which is a natural handmade sour cherry liqueur of unique quality, that you can taste in little chocolate cups, And also jut 1h to 1.30m drive to our Capital “Lisbon” witch is fairly close if you want to visit or checkout a different nightlife.

A Surf holiday is much more than the surfing!

How to Arrive

How to Arrive

When you arrive at Lisbon Airport you can catch a shuttle to Sete Rios Bus Station, from there you have a bus every hour and a half to Peniche.

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You also can check at Rede de

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