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Our Surfcamp

We give lessons maximum 6 to 8 students per teacher but we like more to give to 6 people at a time and for Group Lessons we will take max 12 or  24 people per week so we can give space and maximum Quality on our services, we like to be professessional not surf entertainers hehehehe :-


Surf or Bodyboard Camp


Based on a strong partnership, our accommodation partners in Baleal, Peniche are a partnership between locals (local people) that treat and clean their accommodation better than their own to give customers maximum quality on their service…

Our accommodation partner Apartments based in Baleal, Peniche are 30 meters from the beach and our shared are 600 meters from the beach.

We have available 3 types of accommodation in all our different houses, we have shared rooms, double rooms with full equipped kitchen and bathroom. Our Apartments are very close to the beach that can fit 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 max 11 people in total 9 different apartments, meaning you can select an apartment for couples, friends or just for your group. If you require to stay alone there is an extra fee except for shared accommodation.

Our School and accommodation are a combination, that combines 2 different things; familial guest houses with quality and most of all, clean with professional teaching and professionals at its best.


*Our advise having 1 session a day is enough, because we select the best tide according to your surfing level to give the best quality on the conditions of the day and like like this you wont be tired to do other diferente thing but if require to have more than 1 lesson a day or rent after the surf lessons it is possible just ask us 


Accommodations + Surf or Bodyboard Lessons

Shared + Lessons

Accommmodations Partners - Surf_bodyboar

Extra surcharge if you require 5 days surflessons with 2 sessions a day is 100€

Double+ Lessons


*minimum 2 people or pay extra supplement to stay alone

Extra surcharge if you require 5 days surflessons with 2 sessions a day is 100€

Private Apartments + Lessons

Private apart_lessons.png

*minimum 2 people or pay extra supplement to stay alone

Extra surcharge if you require 5 days surflessons with 2 sessions a day is 100€

These prices include

  • Accommodation Shared, Double or private apartments for 3, 7 or 14 nights;

  • Full equipped kitchen

  • BBQ Area and lounge in all accommodations

  • Private Bathrooms in all accommodations Shared Double or Private Apartments

  • 1 Surf or Bodyboard Lessons per day 2 hours;

  • Transfers to different beaches if necessary according to your surf level and meteorological conditions;

  • 1 To 2 video sessions depending on how many days of lessons you have chosen and analysis/corrective feedback;

  • Surfboard and wetsuit included in our surf lesson and extras for LOW season, ask us what are the extras;

  • Accident insurance for the surf Lessons only;

  • Wi fi;

  • Free transfers to and from the Peniche Bus Station if you have minimum of 7 nights of accommodation and 5 days surf classes (except in summer because of high traffic);

  • Highly experienced surf teachers

* Very important Notes

Extra surcharge if you require 5 days surf lessons with 2 sessions a day is 100€

If you wish to rent a board after the lessons or you need more equipment ( hood, gloves, shoes ) we can also arrange for a package price.

Prices for double and private apartments are minimum for 2 people if you wish to stay alone you have to pay an extra surcharge on lodging. Ask us how much…..

Prices for the winter season may vary according to the dates chosen like (New Years Easter), for any further information don't hesitate to contact us via our email

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