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It’s never too early or too late to learn how to surf… being either a small kid or a senior citizen you should always deserve to have fun.

Surfing is a very complete activity, For some it’s a sport, for others a therapy, a social activity, a religion, an art form, you name it…. It also takes you to beautiful places, in this case it´s Portugal, Peniche and Baleal.

So besides the awesome surfing experience you can also try out our great Food, Wine, see great waves and beaches, Party in our Surf bar’s, Snorkel, Fish, Walk around or Ride a bike, Go-karts, Play Tennis or Golf, Boatrips to visit the Island of Berlenga, enjoy the traditional Open Space Market at Caldas da Rainha and Peniche, the Old Castle Town of Óbidos and its famous drink “Ginja de Óbidos”, which is a natural handmade sour cherry liqueur of unique quality, that you can taste in little chocolate cups, And also jut 1h to 1.30m drive to our Capital “Lisbon” witch is fairly close if you want to visit or checkout a different nightlife.

A Surf holiday is much more than the surfing!


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Surf/Bodyboard Lesson

Surf or Bodyboard Lessons Price List

Surf & Bodyboard Group Lesson


Private Surf Lessons


SUP & Wave Lessons

Surf Rentals

Surf Rentals Price List


SUP Rentals


Rental rules

  1. Passport or ID required.

  2. Rental hours: From 9h to 19h,summer time June, July August, 15th october to the 31st october and rest of months From 10h to 17h

  3. The client must bring all the equipment back before 19h summer, from 15th to 31 october 18h and rest of months 17h.

  4. The equipment must be returned everyday in good condition: wetsuit and surfboard washed and clean otherwise you pay an extra fee for cleaning 5€.

  5. If you wish to keep the equipment at home you must leave a deposit of 250 EUR which will be given back to you when you return the surf equipment in good condition!

Surf Guiding

Surf Guiding

Our Peninsula of Peniche has approximately 15 km of coastline, divided into 1 south coast and 2 north coasts. These have a very high quality of surfing condition for all level surfers and bodyboarderes. On the south coast of Peniche we have very powerfull beach and point breaks, like SUPERTUBOS and other point breaks like CONSOLAÇÃO. While the north coast of Peniche is divided into 2 coast lines having a variety of surfing waves for all levels, beginner, intermediates, advanced and Pro. These waves are a bit softer and easier. We as locals and with all our knowledge and experience will show you were the best beach breaks are at the right time and tides…

Remember – this surf school is owned and operated by a local european champion Silvano Lourenço providing you with the best training to fullfill your goals in surfing.

Surf & Bodyboard guiding


* Prices are per Person, weekly includes 2 sessions a day just for surf guiding and if you require sufguiding + accommodation Shared, Double or Private apartments just ask us we will send you a quote.

Very important Notes

If require to have Surf Guiding + Accommodation it is possible, just ask us…

-Prices for the winter season may vary according to the dates chosen like (New Years Easter), for any further     information don´t hesitate to contact us via our email:


Transfers from and to Lisbon Airport



  • Prices are for one way.

  • If only one client (rather than a group) books to and from Lisbon airport the price is 175 EUR.

  • Once the plane lands the client has one hour to exit the airport door, for every extra hour after this the client will be charged an extra 20 EUR.

  • To drop off clients somewhere other than Lisbon airport, for example down town Lisbon, there will be an additional charge of 20 EUR.

  • If the plane is delayed please inform the Surf Camp, clients will be charged an extra 20 EUR for each hour delayed.

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